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  Case studies:
Case 2

This client required a special linking bar and provided detailed drawings of the exact design along with the requirement to have their logo stamped into it.

Creating the tooling for this component was standard and simple however we demonstrated how the visibility of the logo was vastly increased through the use of screen printing in just one colour.

The client agreed and very soon their presswork component was coming off the line with their logo printed clearly along its length.

We have a wide portfolio of clients from the UK and overseas who use our services and products including customers from as far afield as the West Indies.

Contact P and R Steel Pressing UK Ltd to see how our assembly services can assist your project.

This client required a special linking bar with their logo stamped into it.

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The metal bedstead trade in Birmingham was going strong in the late 1800s, the best bedsteads were made of brass and the worst of iron. However this business was beginning to go into decline and the number of producers increased while their size decreased. However the trade changed to produce different metal furniture.