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  Background 3

With a background in the tool design, toolmaking and presswork industries and based in Birmingham – the heart of the presswork industry in the UK – Youthwell began as a metal pressings business in 1984. The company was launched producing a unique design of remedial wall-tie, with the intention of providing a faster and more effective service than available.

Though originally out-sourcing part of the production it soon became clear that the company could provide a superior service bringing full production in-house and the full services for Youthwell came into being, from tool design through toolmaking, presswork, fabrication, assembly (including welding) and screen printing.

The business expanded quickly taking in the production of components for projects involving anything from the motor industry through white goods to building, electronics and the packaging industry produced in both steel and non-ferrous metals.


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Youthwell began as a metal pressings business in 1984.

Although there is evidence of a metal-working industry as early as the 1500s in Erdington village (a few miles from Birmingham centre) developments in the city in 1746 allowed for the establishing of craftsmen producing small items such as buttons, buckles, jewellery and steel toys.